Interview with David Azzato about his activity

We had quite a hard job finding a way to contact David Azzato, but finally we found a way and we were really surprised to find out that he is a genuine, precise and normal person with a big passion for what he is doing.
As we could see David Azzato has a really interesting and fast style of living but he has such a calm and cool aura around him, so that I and my team felt no pressure, and as a reporter it’s really hard to create such an environment, especially with such an important person. But he made it really easy for us.

Big projects

“How does it feel to be in command of such a big empire you built from nothing?”, I asked, and he replied: “It is not the feeling that I find so important nor the size of the empire my team and I built, but the responsibility and the opportunity to change people’s lives that gives me the feeling and the energy to continue. I never said I built any of this by myself, the people around me are doing and will continue, I’m sure, being a huge part and a big role in everything we accomplished.” As you can see he is very humble and the reason for that could be the hard childhood he had, and all the hard work he has done in order to be where he is now.
“What project are you working on right now?” – “We have a lot of stuff going on, but the real estate industry and the e-commerce branch is what we are currently working on.” “Is it hard to keep everything on mind and to work on such a big number of projects at the same time?”, I asked, and he answered: “It is, but my team and the people around me are doing a great job and we all do it out of passion, so that it’s more fun that the “hard work” as you refer to it.”
I still have a hard time to think of it as fun, but with his calm and down-to-earth attitude, I can believe that he and his team do take it quite easy and somehow at the same time manage to do everything as perfect as they do. “Was the beginning harder than it is now?”. He smiled: “You use the word hard quite a lot, but to answer your question: it was. I guess every start is difficult, but once you find the easiest and most efficient way to do something it becomes a lot more fun and enjoying.”
I asked him a few question about his family and his private life, but he did not want to give too much away. “What can we expect next, – do you have any great ideas for the future?” – “Yes, a lot is coming and I don’t want to spoil it, but it will be really interesting. We are working, and here comes the word, hard to do it the best we can.”
We can only add: David Azzato is quite an interesting man, and it seems like he really cares about the people that work for him.